Paisley Is.....

Paisley is my heritage and a huge part of who I am and this has inspired me to create my new collection of Harris Tweed bears for Autumn/Winter 2018.

The Paisley Collection

The colours of these bears have been inspired by a beautiful piece of Liberty fabric with a traditional Paisley Pattern design and the autumnal colours at this time of year.

The bears have all been named and their names are all inspired by Paisley and its history. Buddy (grey) has been named after the people of Paisley who are also known as Paisley Buddies. Mirin (burgundy) has been inspired by St Mirin, whose cathedral and statue stand at the east side of the town. Clark (green) has been named for one of the famous mill families whose legacy lives on through our buildings. Paisley's weaving history has been remembered with Bobbin (blue). Lastly I had a wee competition on my social media pages to name the last bear which was made with an orange tweed. The name I picked was Marmalade as it suited the colour of the bear and it also marked another piece of Paisley's history with Golden Shred marmalade and the Robertson's jam factory that was once based in Paisley.

Marmalade, named by one my social media followers

These handmade, jointed bears are all unique and featuring the Paisley Pattern Liberty fabric on their paws and ears. This collection is only available to purchase at the InCube shop at 9a Gilmour Street in Paisley but commissions are welcome, just simply email me at for details.

I have so far made over twenty of these delightful bears and every single one is unique due to the fabrics used, the hand stitching and the hand embroidered faces. This uniqueness gives each bear its own personality. I love making these wee bears and I love to see where they end up, so far they have reached Australia, Finland and USA!

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